If your department has a dedicated person to create Clinical Trial budgets, the Matrix has a dedicated space for that creativity to begin.

The program is easy to use, to edit, and to create any type of clinical trial budget. There is a ‘per patient’ budget grid option, and a ‘Study Start-up’ area for those invoiceable events that may happen during the study.

The Per Patient grid has options to make patient tracking and billing easy and quick:

  • Once a budget is approved, it is locked down to prevent accidental changes.
  • New versions can be added as amendments change the protocol. The amount per visit can be updated so that billing can be revised to match your updated budget based on that amendment.
  • Multiple arms can be created at budget inception, or added when an amendment dictates the change.
  • Patients can then be added to any arm based on their randomization. Patients are tracked during the study by adding their visit dates to the grid.

The Study Start-up section is a place to list milestone billing based on three (3) different time points:

  • Initial billing
  • Annual billing
  • PRN billing (meaning if it occurs, it can be added at any time)
  • PRN Billing can be linked to a patient
  • PRN Billing can be billed at the study level and not linked to a patient

We also have staff in the CCS that can provide this service for you.

For more information

Christina Barr, RN
Clinical Research Specialist – Budgets