OnCore Enterprise Implementation


The OnCore Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) has been utilized at Washington University since 2015 by research teams affiliated with the Siteman Cancer Center.  In 2018, use of the OnCore system expanded to include financials functionality to support industry-sponsor invoicing. Additionally, OnCore was integrated with Epic to automate subject enrollment and support research billing compliance. The success of these efforts established a foundation for expanding OnCore to the greater Washington University clinical research community. 

Expansion of OnCore Enterprise-Wide

Project Goals

Expanding OnCore to the enterprise community will provide study teams with tools to manage their day-to-day operations. It offers an infrastructure to promote consistency and efficiency for the clinical, financial, and regulatory aspects of clinical research. This in turn will allow study teams to focus on our core mission: to advance new breakthroughs for the benefit of patients.

How and When

Members of our research community have conducted a current state assessment and are currently designing recommendations for future-state processes and workflows. The goal of these design sessions is to make the best use of the new technology in conjunction with existing WUSM systems.

The OnCore application will roll-out across the institution in “Sprints” (groups of departments).  The first Sprint went live in February 2020 and we expect all departments will be in the system by 2021.

Huron Consulting Group is facilitating our future state design efforts. Forte Research (the developer of OnCore) is also engaged to support our implementation efforts.

For a complete list of scheduled events and registration information, including enterprise activities and regular training sessions, please see the OnCore Events Schedule.

More to Come

If you’d like to receive more information about the OnCore system as well as updates about the enterprise implementation, please email oncore@wustl.edu to be added to our future users mailing list.

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